Why I Cancelled My All Inclusive Ads Account

A little over a month ago I decided to give All Inclusive Ads a try. AIA has been heavily promoted on a number of traffic exchange sites and list. Both affiliate emails as well as their sales page have made a number of promises that seemed interesting. I am always looking for new ways to generate traffic so I signed up with them to see if they are any good for myself.

What they are all about

AIA promises to give you a share of their PPC traffic that they spend over $40,000 a month for just $30 a month. The traffic is split between the members of AIA (and they claim to accept 200 or 128 members only,  the sales page is not very clear on that). All you have to do is to plugin 1 to 5 links where you want the traffic to be sent. AIA will then do the rest. There is also some kinda metric that gives you a slightly bigger cut of the traffic as you stay longer with AIA. Honestly, it seemed to me just another way for them to increase retention rate.

What was my experience

The day I signed up I decided not to dilute the traffic between multiple sites and send it all to one place. I was promoting my squeeze page in IM niche giving away Ryan Deiss’s best converting Squeeze Page. I plugged in my tracking url, set my calendar to remind me 3 days before my month was up and forgot about it. I was really surprised when I checked my stats a month later. I only got 6 visitors to my squeeze page out of which 1 was from AIA itself, one had a 0:00 time on site, which leaves me with 4 actual visitors. Needless to say I got no sign ups.  I wrote a short email to AIA asking for refund and stating that the reason I would like a refund is that I do not believe 6 visits a month justify $30 membership cost. I was really hoping they would respond back to me explaining why I got so few hits. Yet all I got from them was a prompt same day refund and a little note saying thank you and please consider us in the future again.

I realize now that the reason AIA is so heavily promoted is because of their 4 layer deep affiliate commission structure.  It sort of reminds me how a lot of MLM companies operate. All of the money comes from new promoters who in hopes of building a passive income continue paying the membership fees to a company that pitches its product as in the best solution to all your problems when in reality the product provides no value whatsoever.

I would suggest you do your own research with AIA as I have heard on WF that people get descent amount of traffic from them (never heard of good conversions though) for niches other than IM.

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