Social Media – Most rapid SEO ranking booster

Social media seo ranking booster

I manage a number of SEO project for various companies. What I have been noticing lately is that companies that engage in social media activities outperform companies that do not, or do so on a smaller scale even if they engage in more aggressive link building. The two social networks that seem to affect SEO the most is Googles own G+ and Twitter.

It appears that 3 most important factors Google pays attention to are: 

  • How active are you on Twitter & G+
  • How many followers you have
  • How active and responsive are your followers interacting with your content (most important)

I believe the last one plays a big role in separating accounts with fake, bought followers from those that have built organic targeted following. Here is a simple formula to using these social networks to boost SEO rankings.


  • Start building organic following on Twitter and G+. There are a lot of guides on how to do that. The best ways I have found to be are: have links in your emails, Twitter and G+ buttons on your website, reaching out and joining conversations on the network with your target market.
  • Post quality content numerous times a day including re -tweets. Do Not Spam. Make sure to include anchor text keywords in your tweets as well as links pointing back to your website. Its important to remember that this only applies to G+ and Twitter and not Facebook. Posting multiple times on FB will drop your edgerank and decrease your posts exposure.
  • Encourage user interaction with your posts. Make sure to answer all and any comments, @ tags or replies.
  • Interlink your properties. Some links point to pages or blog posts on your site some to your/others videos on youtube, link your G+ with Twitter but then also post exclusivly to G+.
  • Remind & request website visitors to click on “Like” “Tweet” or “+1″ buttons on your website.


  • Post content only about yourself. Try to share information about others that your target market will find useful.
  • Buy followers.
  • Copy paste or repeat old tweets/posts.
  • Automate content creation in any way. 

Remember that above is not a comprehensive guide on how to use social media. This is specifically to boost Google SERP rankings but if you follow this you will see a nice side effect of direct traffic from social media to your site besides the rankings boost.

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