Internet Marketing as Passive Income Source

Posted March 17, 2012 by Elmar in Internet Marketing

A lot of pitches to the IM newbies promise successful internet marketing systems/techniques/blueprints that create an ideal lifestyle. 6 figures a month all on auto pilot. I would hate to burst your bubble, if you still believe it to be true, but any venture in IM is a business and as any business it requires involvement. You can act as an investor and have someone else build and manage it but your better of investing in stocks as public companies will do a much better job finding management than you will.  Besides if someone is qualified to be running an online business for you they are already doing it themselves since the cost of entry in to this industry is so low.


What about a well ranked website that gets seo traffic and converts it selling affiliate offers ?” you say.

Well lets look at this closer. First you have a ton of work on the front end of this model. Building a site, getting content, seo and back linking. On average you will need 10 jackpot websites to make a comfortable living. Lets assume every 4th website is a jackpot so were looking at 40 websites that need to be built, filled and ranked. A lot of work if you ask me. Say you put in your 2 years of hard work and got all the sites up, running and ranking number 1 what about continuous link building and ranking tracking ? And this is if everything goes smooth. What if Google decides to change its search algorithms again as it did 3 times in the last 2 years and you loose all your rankings at once ? Then what ? Not really a passive income, is it ?


Now I am not trying to turn you away from IM, I just want to let you know how it really is. IM is a business just like any other. That being said, it has a lot of advantages. Any business including IM consist of 3 parts:

Management – Production – Marketing

In IM management can be completely outsourced, production (if your selling info product) is a one time off event as you create the product and sell it over and over again. What’s left is marketing. Once you get good at it and systematize most of it you have a few hours a week of maintenance and optimization on your hands. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me. Of course if you want to constantly grow you will have to put more time in to market research and new product development but it beats any 9 to 5 if you ask me.


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