Marketing & Consulting Services

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established corporation looking to aggressively grow and expand using proven and latest digital tools I would like to offer you my help. I don’t have pre-made packages as every business is different and requires a custom approach.  If you feel like I can help you please contact me and we will set up an initial interview call so I can get to know your business better.

I can help you understanding how Internet Marketing can help you grow your business.

Identify and discover weak links in your marketing systems

Fix any leaks in your lead generation and sales funnels

Find best new ways to acquire leads and clients

Some of the services I provide:

Writing marketing plans.

Simple, back of the napkin, step by step plans that clearly identify who is the best and most likely person to purchase from you, what to communicate to them to make them want to buy and how to reach them in the most cost effective way.

Marketing centered web design.

Creating commercial websites and pages based on marketing fundamentals with the sole purpose of converting leads and prospects in to customers.

Designing automated leads and sales funnels.

Optimizing your cost per click, cost per lead, client acquisition cost and cost per sale figures.

Social media planning and management.

Using social networks to increase brand awareness, generate free traffic and boosting search engine rankings.

Complete SEO solutions.

Planning, designing and then implementing successfull SEO campaigns to increase relevant and targeted search engine traffic to your web properties.

Pay-per-click advertising.

Finding best traffic sources to reach your target market. Designing, writing and split testing ads for instant traffic.