About Me

I had my first business at the age of 22. It was a mailing center and it failed miserably. Back then I operated out of the belief that if you build it they will come. Oh how wrong I was. As I struggled and worked endless hours my competitors seemed to enjoy shorter working hours and a never ending stream of customers. This naturally led me to discovering the art and science of marketing and advertising. It has been my passion ever since.

I have been studying marketing since 2005 and absolutely love it. I have been lucky to learn from such great marketers as Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and T Harv Ecker. I started to apply my marketing skills online in early 2010 after being let go from my job and reading The 4 Hour Work Week. I have never looked back since.

Starting out was tough, even with a good knowledge of marketing fundamentals. I had no technical knowledge and learning all that was very intimidating, but I kept at it. I made every possible mistake a newbie can do and now I am glad I did because that was the path to learn what really works.  I love doing what I do and learning never stops. This blog is my way of sharing my experiences and mistakes with others so we can all grow in this industry together.

Currently I run a number of my own websites as well as help small businesses identify and improve weak links in their marketing/sales systems.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

BTW I’m from LA 😉

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