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Protecting your WordPress site from hackers

How to protect your WordPress site from hackers in two easy steps

After I checked the login stats I was astounded at how many hacking attempts were made on this blog in the last couple of month.  Most people think they don’t need to protect their site simply because it has no value o...

Using social media to boost SEO rankings

Social Media – Most rapid SEO ranking booster

manage a number of SEO project for various companies. What I have been noticing lately is that companies that engage in social media activities outperform companies that do not, or do so on a smaller scale even if they engage...

Email open rates

Dwindling Open Rates – What to Expect

Problem The second most asked question that I get (right after “What is a good squeeze page conversion rate?“) is “What is a good email open rate?”.  Whether a newbie or a seasoned business owner most e...


Most Important Email Marketing Metrics

I used to be one of those people who absolutely hated stats and metrics. Numbers seemed boring to me. I blame my HS math teacher. That all changed now as I learned how to use stats to pinpoint where I can do least of the work t...


Why I Cancelled My All Inclusive Ads Account

A little over a month ago I decided to give All Inclusive Ads a try. AIA has been heavily promoted on a number of traffic exchange sites and list. Both affiliate emails as well as their sales page have made a number of promises...

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